Advantages of Ridgway Genetics

Just some of the advantages of our plainer bodied, free skinned Merino sheep are:

  • Higher fertility – we are weaning between 110 & 120% annually.
  • Longer staple – our wool cut has increased and our micron reduced significantly. We are now shearing our whole flock twice per year and they are cutting up to 140mm of staple length in twelve months. The comfort factor of our entire wool clip, including the normally courser oddments was 99.5% in 2014.
  • Ease of shearing – we have eliminated the thicker tighter skinned animals from our flock.
  • Mulesing not necessary – we have an increasing number of sheep displaying bare breach tendencies and lambs do not have skin folds on breach.

Ridgway sale’s $3500 second top price - poll merino ram sale

Pictured with the Ridgway sale’s $3500 second top price are Landmark auctioneer Malcolm Scroop, Ridgway’s Matt Ridgway and purchasers Alastair and Deb MacAllan, Woodchester.