"Any Merino stud that can rise above the adversity of a string of harsh seasons and pull together two very successful sales (’08-’09) is worth taking note of. Not only is the courage and determination to ‘stick with it’ in the face of this adversity an admirable feature of the Ridgway family, but the depth of quality the Ridgway polls possess is unsurpassed in this district.
Last year one hundred rams averaged $1000, presenting realistic prices for purchasers, yet rewarding enough for this stud to march on in their quest to breed more stock to suit a tested cliental of late, especially in light of the mulesing fiasco.

On inspection of the 200 rams from which sale teams will be selected for their On-Property sale, the Classings Classic’10 and the Hamilton Sheepvention sale, it’s easy to quickly recognize that the top end quality on display at Ridgway is no fluke, but has been created through a combination of careful ewe selection and intelligent sire/genetic sourcing, via semen or live ram purchases.

Due to their intensive breeding tactics of selection towards sheep possessing plain easy care breeches and soft, long stapled and free growing fibres on a large carcass, the Ridgway poll rams are great assets in addressing current industry issues. These issues are now accelerated because of increasing global demand for the mules-free end product. Despite denial across all states on the subject, this issue will not go away!

We recommend that you keep an eye out for a standout skin/fibre/frame ram in tag number 1137. His fibre density is right where it needs to be to ensure no fleece weight loss with future joinings. Ridgway tag1060 is another standout ram with similar attributes. Both rams should feature in this year’s Classings Classic’10 and typify Ridgway’s quality genetics.

I readily recommend Ric and Gail’s Ridgway stock. The rams we have sourced for clients over a ten year period have proven themselves in all parts of South Australia and New South Wales, including areas as diverse as Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island through to Netallie Station at Wilcannia."

Bill Walker - Stud Consultant

2011 Ridgway Poll Merino Rams Sales Team