2014 News

On-property Sale Report

After returning from the Hamilton Sheepvention where they sold five rams to $4250 and averaged $2700, the Ridgway family staged a very impressive offering of Poll Merino rams at their on-property sale at Kulkami (on August 11th).

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Newsletter - July 2014

Articles include:

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  • 2014 Calendar of Events
  • Billiat Fire
  • Family News
  • Ram Select Workshop
  • 1137's Star Continues to Rise
  • 2014 Sale Rams
  • Ewes for Sale
  • Lambing Success
  • Technology Use
  • Sales Success

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1137's Star Continues To Rise

In late 2011 Merino Superior Sires contacted us asking if we would enter 1137 in the Balmoral Sire Evaluation Trial which commenced in 2012 and has been run for the last two years.  We agreed and supplied semen from him. He was one of only two Poll rams in the 19 ram trial. To view the final trial report click here 2012 Drop Assessment . To sum this up he performed above average in all traits measured with very few culls and had the 2nd highest number of progeny produced from the 19 rams. His progeny excelled in clean fleece weight and staple length. They displayed correct structure with no problems with feet, legs, mouths, shoulders, etc. Progeny also averaged positive for eye muscle depth and fat. He is a true “dual purpose merino”. In our own flock his 2013 progeny had the lowest culling rate of all sires that we used (20% culls compared to the average of 29%) and the highest percentage of tops (33% compared to 20% average). Sons and grandsons of 1137 are again prominent amongst our top sale rams this year.

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Ridgway 1137 is pictured with Bill
Walker, Classings Ltd, John & Jenny
Carter, Wallaloo Pk & Gail & Ric