Ridgway 1137

Sold for: $25,000 at Classing Classic 2010

Sire: Ridgway 571
Micron: 20.3
SD: 3.1
CV: 15.3
CF: 99.7
Ycfw: 26
Yfd: -0.8
Ywt: 3.9
Yfat: -0.2
Yemd: -0.7
MP+ Index: 155

1137 has huge staple length, together with great fibre density. His crimp definition and lock structure doesn't vary from shoulder to rump. He stands tall and proud and has a super soft pure muzzle. He is suitable for joining over a wide range of ewe types but would be especially good mated to plainer ewes that are free but lack fibre density.

$40 per dose.

Please contact Ric for semen enquiries.

Ridgway Poll Merino Ram Tag 1137