Ridgway 599

Sold for $6,000 at Adelaide Ram Sale 2015

Sire:  Ridgway 204
Micron: 19.2
SD: 3.1
CV: 16.1
CF: 99.6
Ycfw: 17
Ysl: 13
Ywt: 8.2
Yfat: 0.6
Yemd: -0.7
MP+ Index: 147

Ridgway 599 is a heavy boned, deep bodied ram, with exceptional width and spring of rib.  He had terrific early growth weighing 11kg heavier than the average at 4 months of age.  A well covered sire with Nourished, long, bold crimping fibre.  He is backed up with a strong pedigree being sired by R204, who sold for $7000 in 2013, and bred a large percentage of our top rams catalogued in 2015.  His mother is R120142, a stud ET donor, who is sired by R1137 who has bred tremendously well for us and many other studs over the past 5 years.

$30 per dose – minimum 50 doses

Please contact Ric for semen enquiries.

Ridgway 599 Poll Merino Ram with semen for sale