Ridgway 721

Sold for $17,000 to Gunallo at Classings Classic 2015

Sire:  Leahcim 858
Micron: 19.0
SD: 2.9
CV: 15.4
CF: 99.8
Ycfw: 26
Ysl: 16
Ywt: 8.8
Yfat: -0.2
Yemd: -0.5
MP+ Index: 155

Sired by Leahcim 858, he is a long, plain bodied ram carrying a magnificent nourished fleece of white, sharp and bold crimping fibre on a free, supple skin.  Post sale his 100mm length fleece weighed 8.5kg (excluding belly) at just over six months growth. He carries a double copy of the poll gene and has exceptional ASBV figures. 721 is a true ‘dual purpose modern merino’ who could be joined to a wide range of flocks.

$40 per dose – minimum 50 doses

Please contact Ric for semen enquiries.

Ridgway 721 semen available