Ridgway 92

Sold for: $32,000 at Classing classic 2011

Sire: Ridgway Ram Lamb Syndicate
Micron: 19.0
SD: 2.8
CV: 14.9
CF: 99.9
Ycfw: 15
Yfd: -1.2
Ywt: 4.5
Yfat: -0.6
Yemd: -0.1
MP+ Index: 147

A long bodied ram with a very soft, long, pure muzzle. His fibre is bold crimping, super white with plenty of lustre. His greatest asset is his exceptional staple length. (115mm at 8 months). A truly unique young sire.

$40 per dose.

Please contact Ric for semen enquiries.

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